Apo E Gene Test Information

Useful information about the Apo E Gene Test

What is the Apo E Gene?

The Apo E, or Apolipoprotein E, Gene is a gene that encodes for the Apo E protein. This protein is important for the production of lipoproteins, a transporter of fats and lipids in the bloodstream.

What is the Apo E Gene Test?

The Apo E Gene Test is a genetic blood test that checks for the presence of specific Apo E genetic mutations such as E2/E2.

Why is the Apo E Gene Test important?

It is thought that certain Apo E Gene mutation types might respond differently to medications like statins or to dietary interventions. Additionally, the Apo E Gene Test is sometimes used to diagnose people with a specific lipid disorder called Type III Hyperlipoproteinemia. Additionally, there may be some role in Apo E Gene Testing in staging future risk for Alzheimer's disease.

What is the procedure for an Apo E Gene Test?

The Apo E Gene Test is a blood test.

Who should get an Apo E Gene Test?

An Apo E Gene Test is recommended for anyone with an unusual lipid profile, people with relatives with the genetic mutation, or anyone just curious given the linkage with lipid abnormalities and the the possible correlation between the Apo E Gene mutation and Alzheimer's.

Will my insurance cover an Apo E Gene Test?

Insurance plans vary widely. You would have to check with your insurance.

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